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There’s a perfect LiLBHair for you too. We are sure of that. Whether you suffer from thin hair or even baldness. Or you’re always running from hot to cold so you can’t just schedule a haircut visit. Yet there is a solution to always being neatly coiffed and looking peaky: a LiLBHair.

Ingrid and her team are already convinced of the effects of LiLBHair, but would like to let a few customers have their say.

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Noel, financial director and the sweetest grandpa

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Whether I wouldn't get the stamp of 'vain' or 'macho' and whether I would still be able to romp with my grandchildren.

Those were my biggest fears.
Ingrid listened to me, listed all my options and gave me clear explanations.

Noel has suffered from hair loss since the age of 35, but did not like the idea of ‘a wig’ at all. Mainly out of fear of the reactions of those around him, he continued to walk around with thinning hair.

With a LiLBHair, the road to greater self-confidence is open to you

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Ann, Marketer and bon vivant

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Ingrid and her team immediately make you feel like you are in good hands.

The smooth friendly chat at the start and the wonderful relaxing moment when your LiLBHair is adjusted make the whole 'process' so easy and natural.

Ann found her own way to put a fun twist on her hairstyle. Her lifeless hair, however, is very difficult to style.. Maintaining volume doesn’t work anyway. Cautiously she inquired of Ingrid and soon noticed what LiLBHair could do for her.

To send everyone out into the world confident and comfortable with beautiful, more and better hair, that's my dream. You can take your LiLBHair everywhere with you. Nobody will know but you. All that remains is to gratefully accept the compliments.

Ingrid Berckmoes, founder and inspirer of LiLBHair

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Delphine, CEO and mum

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LiLBHair is my secret to appearing fast and peaky anytime, anywhere

A long day of meetings is often followed by a business dinner. With my LiLBHair, I can still take a bath in peace and still show up at the table with a perfect hairstyle.

Delphine heads a metal processing company. She gives herself completely to take on all her responsibilities, but didn’t keep enough time to look peaky at all times.

It's not always easy to keep all the balls in the air. You're jumping from one place to another and your hairstyle suffers as a result.
With a LiLBhair, you save precious time!

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Christel, administrative assistant

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No one who sees that it is 'only' an accessory

In the run-up to menopause, my hair thinned rapidly. Getting volume into it became an increasing disaster....
With my LiLBHair, I don't have to worry about that anymore: I groom my hairstyle in an instant and no one sees that it's 'only' an accessory.

Christel never had a full head of hair. With the years came no improvement in this, quite the contrary.
It began to annoy her more and more that her scalp was visible through her extremely thin hair. The understanding and knowledge with which Ingrid received her opened up a whole new world!

A LilBHair you wear the way it fits into your world. Daily, to always feel on top of yourself or on occasion.
Wear your LiLBHair as an accessory, like you pick out a nice blouse or the appropriate shoes.

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Ingrid toont je met plezier hoe je je haartopper in enkele clicks op en af kan zetten