Frequently Asked Questions

With a LiLBHair, the road to greater self-confidence is open to you.
Make an appointment now for a no-obligation chat. We are happy to make time for your story.

Ask away. Leave no questions unanswered. Don’t decide anything based on the reactions of the outside world.
Let your own beliefs guide you and follow your heart.

A wig is a a complete coverage. So either a wig completely covers the existing hair, or the wig replaces the hair that’s no longer present. A LiLBhair is an addition to the existing hair. There’s still hair. You click the LiLBHair to it. Your existing hair remains visible. A LiLBHair complements your hair with extra hair.

A LiLBHair consists of 100% natural hair. This hair gets a treatment, so that it completely fits your natural hair. Nobody can tell the difference. Colour, length and cut are fully adapted to your needs.

Yes! Once the choice is made and your LiLBHair is ready, we make an appointment for a relaxing moment to style your LiLBHair. During this appointment you will get a clear explanation and demonstration on how to apply your LiLBHair. Then we’ll give you time to do it yourself a few times. You will quickly get the hang of this and from then on you can click your LiLBHair yourself where and when you want.

A LiLBHair gives you a perfectly styled and voluminous hairstyle within just a few seconds. Is your hair severely thinned? Are you partially bald? Or do you have lifeless hair that loses its shape and volume very quickly? Then a LiLBHair is the right solution. It is also an ideal product if you are busy and often have time constraints to get your hair done. After a busy day at work, you can unwind for a while before heading to your business dinner. Your hairstyle will be ready in no time.

Avoid tangling. This is the basic rule when maintaining a LiLBHair. You can perfectly wash your LiLBHair yourself. Do this with care. Comb through the hair first. Use lukewarm water and apply the shampoo from top to bottom. Also when rinsing, let the water flow from top to bottom. Also use the right shampoo and care.

Certainly not! You are always welcome to have your hair work washed and styled. We remain at your service and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Even after your purchase, our team is here for you.

Be sure to contact us for an appointment without obligation. We listen to your story and are happy to answer all your questions. Even with your doubts, you can come to us for a friendly and informal chat over a cup of coffee.

No, on the contrary. Your close ones will obviously see that something has changed about you. But this is just about your fancy haircut. A LiLBHair consists of 100% natural hair that completely matches your natural hair color. You can’t tell the difference.

Over a delicious cup of coffee or a drink, we take the time to get to know each other.
Your story is the starting point in the search for the right solution.

For our part, we don’t skip a step.

  • We’ll ask you a few questions to see why you’re visiting LiLBHair and what you expect from us.
  • Afterwards you will get a detailed explanation of how we work and what your options are.
  • We’ll tell you about the benefits, but also show you the other side of the coin.
  • You get a very clear picture of the cost of a LiLBHair, both in cents and in (care) time.

But we also look at the effect of a LiLBHair on your self-confidence.

  • What would that confidence do to your life?
  • What life would you lead by wearing a LiLBHair?

The price of a LiLBHair is highly dependent on your demand and needs. Choosing a LiLBHair is a very personal process. For us it is especially important to listen to your personal story first.

This way we can answer your question as clearly as possible. Make an appointment now for a no-obligation chat. You get a complete overview of all information so you can see with your own eyes what the possibilities are.

How long you can use your LiLBHair depends, among other things, on how often you wear it. It goes without saying that a LiLBHair for daily use will show signs of use more quickly than a hair supplement you only wear on occasion.

To enjoy your LiLBHair longer it is especially important to take good care of it.
For example, always use a fitting model to put your LiLBHair on instead of just laying it down somewhere.

A lot also depends on the care you take with your accessory. For example, always use a fitting model to lay your LiLBHair on instead of just laying it down somewhere.

We also advise you to come back to us once a month to have your hair extension treated with the right care products.

During an initial consultation we will gladly compare your wishes with the high quality of our products, so that together we can make a good estimation of the lifespan of your LiLBHair.

In itself a LiLBHair retains its model very well. It is recommended that you come in monthly to have your LiLBHair taken care of and to get it back in shape.
In addition, much also depends on the care or use. If you follow the instructions carefully, a LiLBHair will stay in shape for a very long time.

Your LiLBHair hair extension will be attached to your own hair with clips. A very simple system that we will explain to you in detail during our pampering session and that you are guaranteed to get to grips with quickly.
This way you create a perfect hairstyle in seconds and that’s what we at LiLBHair strive for!

A few drops won’t hurt. Your LiLBHair can withstand the occasional rain shower, but it is best to protect your hair with a cap or an umbrella. It is therefore not the intention to swim, shower or take a bath with your LiLBHair. You also take off your LiLBHair to go sporting.

After the workout you can put your hair supplement back in and look like you just came from the hairdresser’s!

A LiLBHair is an addition that is applied to your own hair with a system of clips and pins. So there is no glue, wax or other fastening systems that damage your hair, as can be the case with extensions.

Ingrid toont je met plezier hoe je je haartopper in enkele clicks op en af kan zetten