Our working method

Maybe you’re already totally convinced about the LiLBHair concept? Then only the practicalities remain to be sorted out.
But you probably still have a lot of questions, are a little hesitant or don’t know at all if a LiLBHair is for you.

In either case, we start the search with a friendly, no-obligation chat.

Ask away, leave no questions unanswered. Don't decide anything based on the reactions of the outside world.
Laat je leiden door je eigen overtuiging en volg je hart

With a LiLBHair, the road to greater self-confidence is open to you.... Make an appointment now for a no-obligation chat.
We like to make time for your story

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LiLBHair hairpieces - Ingrid - hair supplement

Make an appointment in advance

Then we will take the time to receive you personally and discreetly.
Or bring someone along. Be joined by your partner or best friend. Met twee zie je meer dan alleen.

Make an appointment by calling Ingrid at 0470 79 63 65, by sending an email to info@lilbhair.be or by filling out the form on our contact page.

The first introductory meeting

Over a delicious cup of coffee or a drink, we take the time to get to know each other.
Your story is our starting point to the continued search for the right solution.

Through a series of questions, we’ll discover why you visit LiLBHair and what exactly you expect. Then you will receive a detailed explanation of our operation and your options.
You get to hear the benefits, but also the downside of the coin.

You get a very clear picture of the cost of a LiLBHair, both in cents and in (care) time. But we also look at the effect of a LiLBHair on your self-confidence. What would that self-confidence do to your life? What life would you lead by wearing a LiLBHair?

LiLBHair hair works - during photo - Noël - hair work
LiLBHair hair works - drink aperitif - hair replenishment

Take your time

Are you already sure that a LiLBHair is totally your thing?
Super, then we’ll just move on at once.

Do you have any questions, concerns, objections,…? Don’t worry, you don’t have to decide right away. We make good arrangements about the next step and how we keep in touch.

We are confident in a LiLBHair. We have been through the whole process ourselves and experienced the impact. It is a process that everyone should be able to go through at their own pace.

Going for it?

Your own LiLBHair! Yes!

You visit again and we define all the materials and colors. We measure a number of things depending on the implementation.
During a subsequent appointment, we will take the time to learn how to apply and maintain your LiLBHair. Application takes some practice, but you get the hang of it quickly. Proper aftercare is very important for the longevity of your LiLBHair. You will receive a clear step-by-step plan on paper. Followed by ‘le moment suprême’. After washing, drying and styling your own hair, your LiLBHair is applied and styled with it. That’s how you step outside with a perfect new hairstyle that you can recreate yourself whenever you want in seconds.

LiLBHair hair pieces - Lieze - hair piece
LiLBHair hair pieces - Ingrid & Sabine - hair piece

We keep in touch

We place a great deal of importance onaftercare.
For your LiLBHair aswell as for you.

Please share your experiences and any questions you may have with us. You can always reach us if something is unclear or if you are unsure about something.

Ask away


With a LiLBHair, the road to greater self-confidence is open to you. Make an appointment now for a no-obligation chat. We love to make time for your story.

Ingrid toont je met plezier hoe je je haartopper in enkele clicks op en af kan zetten