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With your LiLBHair you confidently step out into the world

Ingrid Berckmoes has been running her own hair salon for years. She knows all too well that a haircut has a huge impact on your self-confidence. But she also knows that not everyone can schedule a weekly visit to the hairdresser’s. That is why Ingrid founded LiLBHair next to her salon.

With a LiLBHair, you’ll experience that just-from-the-hairdresser feeling every day! Do you recognize yourself in any of these situations?

  • You run from hot to cold and don’t pay enough attention to your hairstyle.
  • You have thin hair that has difficulty staying in shape.
  • Your hair loses volume quickly, even if you’ve just had a haircut.
  • Your hair is lifeless after exercise.
  • After every breeze, you need to run a comb through your hair.

LiLBHair is your solution. Give a fresh-from-the-hairdresser boost to your hair and self-confidence.


A long day of meetings is often followed by a business dinner. With my LiLBHair, I can take a bath in between and still appear at the table with a perfect hairstyle.

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A LiLBHair to pimp your haircut

We do not speak of ‘wig’, ‘toupee’ or ‘hair prosthesis’. Your LiLBHair is a hair additive made of genuine European hair of superior quality. No one sees the difference from real hair and you feel radiant.

LiLBHair is for you as well

Want a fuller hairstyle? Or a hairstyle that falls into shape instantly?
A LiLBHair suits everyone. This solution gives you extra radiance in a very natural way. The days when wigs were only linked to illness or false vanity are definitely over. We are helping to eradicate the taboo surrounding hair additions.

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Your very own LiLBhair

The road to more self-confidence starts with a casual chat in our concept store in Zele. Make a no-obligation appointment and tell us your unique story. Coffee will be ready. You look at all the possibilities with us. You will be given the necessary information to decide for yourself how to proceed.

Have you decided to make your own LiLBHair? In our specialized hair salon, you will be told all about the use and maintenance of your new accessory. Immerse yourself in this great experience. Enjoy one a good portion of me-time in which we style your hairstyle according to your taste and personality.

Ingrid toont je met plezier hoe je je haartopper in enkele clicks op en af kan zetten