Wat is het verschil tussen een haartoper en een pruik

What is the difference between a hair topper and a wig?

Ingrid Berckmoes, founder of LiLBHair hairtoppers, is Sarah De Backer’s guest in the studio of AVS Weekend. “What’s the difference between a hair topper and a wig?” asks Sarah to Ingrid. Ingrid tells that she has met many ladies in her hair salon with little hair, thin and lifeless hair or even with bald spots and that it is her dream to get rid of the taboo around wigs, hair works and hair additions. “I’ve

LiLBHair Haarwerken - Tevreden klanten

A LiLBHair hair topper is an identity

Feeling insecure about your hair? Outgrowth, bald spots, extremely thin hair, no time to blow-dry? A LiLBHair is what you wear if you want to look beautiful. At times when you choose a beautiful handbag with matching shoes, when you wear make-up, earrings and jewellery… A LiLBHair is a fashion accessory. LiLBHair is an identity. Your identity. “I have 2 small children and no time to blow-dry my hair”, Ellen, presenter at AVS East-Flemish Televisiontells


A stylish hairstyle despite lack of time

Delphine testifies: “As a CEO, mother of an adorable daughter and wife of a sweet husband, I am very busy. I want to look top-notch every day, but I wear a helmet for several hours a day and usually only have time for a quick shower. Then I run out of time to relax and show up at business dinners with my hair only half dried. This makes me very insecure. Since I have my


Which hairstyle suits the shape of your face?

Do you change your hairstyle often? But have you never experienced that wow feeling after a haircut? Determine your facial shape and see which hairstyle suits you best. Complete the picture with a LiLBHair to highlight your ideal hairstyle. Many hairstyles fit an oval face An oval face is widest at the cheekbones and narrows towards the chin and forehead. Many hairstyles suit an oval face, but still be careful with short hairstyles. This can

LiLBHair hair works - drink aperitif - hair replenishment

Never a hair out of place with a hair supplement

You get up in the morning. How dull and lifeless does your hair look? What tricks can change this? It’s afternoon. Your hair looks the same as this morning. You can’t get a haircut every day. Have you ever heard of a hair supplement? It provides the perfect answer in this situation. The word says it all. A hair addition complements your own hair. A hair supplement for thin hair Everyone dreams of a lush


Hairwork keeps your hairstyle in shape at any time

Do you often find yourself scratching your head when you look at your hairstyle in the mirror? Is your hair thin or lifeless? Do you suffer from hair loss? Then hair work is the ideal solution for you. What is hair work? Hair work is an addition to your own hair. You attach it in a simple way. This makes it very user-friendly in day-to-day situations. It makes you feel like you’ve just come from