General terms and conditions

Good deals make good friends.
To protect ourselves, but especially to protect you when you purchase LiLBHair or other products from us, we have also drawn up a number of general terms and conditions.

Ordinary Limited Partnership Innobis with registered office at Donklaan 253 box 3.003 – 9290 Berlare, trading under the name LiLBHair and represented by Ingrid Berckmoes.
Ondernemingsnummer 0836.673.302

Hereafter referred to as “LiLBHair” (also “we” and “us”).

Location & visiting address: Kouterstraat 34 – 9240 Zele
Telephone numbers: 0470 79 63 65
Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm and from 1:30 pm – 6:00 pm and by appointment.

  1. These general conditions apply to every offer made by LiLBHair and every contract concluded with us, regardless of the name or the manner in which the contract was concluded.
  2. Our terms and conditions are also known and supported by LiLBHair employees, our licensed LiLBHair hairdressers and any third parties involved in the manufacture, styling and maintenance of your LiLBHair hair supplement.
  3. Should there nevertheless be any ambiguities concerning the interpretation of one or more provisions or should a situation arise that has not been literally regulated in these general terms and conditions, then this situation will be assessed ‘in the spirit’ of these general terms and conditions.
  1. All quotations and offers of LiLBHair are without obligation and are made accurately on the basis of the information provided by you. The proposed prices are valid for 30 calendar days, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  2. If the quotation includes a composite price, LiLBHair is not bound to carry out part of the order at the stated partial price. The prices quoted are also not automatically valid for future requests or orders.
  3. An offer expires if products to which the offer or quotation relates are no longer available in the meantime. In that case LilHBair will do everything possible to offer a similar product of equivalent quality.
  4. All illustrations, drawings, models, measurements or other data are as accurate as possible during the offer phase, but serve only as an indication. Products to be delivered may differ slightly from samples, models or examples. This also applies to entries in catalogues, brochures and the like.
  5. Each offer is described as accurately as possible and contains a detailed overview of the elements required to correctly execute any order. Only by signing the order form do you, the client, agree to the execution of the order under the conditions described.
  6. If, despite our best efforts, an obvious mistake creeps into our quote, LiLBhair cannot be held to that quote.
  1. Our prices are always expressed in Euro and include VAT. Any additional costs, such as delivery and payment costs or administrative costs, are always clearly stated in the offer.
  2. If the price increases for reasons beyond our control, e.g. increase of import duties or increase of raw material prices, this will be passed on to you.
    If this increase takes place within 3 months after the conclusion of the agreement, you have the right to dissolve the agreement. This can be done by sending a registered letter within 3 working days after the announcement of the price increase.
    This right is cancelled if the price increase is a result of measures imposed by the government, such as adjustment of VAT rates.
  1. Upon signing the agreement, LiLHBair will request 50% of the final total as an advance payment on the costs to be incurred. This percentage may be deviated from if this has been explicitly discussed.
  2. The balance (50% of the final total) must then be settled upon delivery.
  3. If you cannot pay within 5 days after delivery, we are unfortunately forced to take steps. In that case, liLBhair will hand over the claim, as provided by law. As a result, in addition to the amount owed to LiLBhair, you will also be charged for the extrajudicial and judicial collection costs.
  1. After the conclusion of the agreement you have 5 working days to refrain from purchasing. In that case we will refund your deposit.
  2. You can also make any changes within the same 5 working days, free of charge. After this period, the costs for adjustments will be calculated. Please note that adjustments may extend the delivery time.
  3. If you cancel between 5 and 15 working days after signing your contract, we will charge you for the costs already made.
  4. LiLBHair is entitled to deliver products that deviate from what was agreed if these modifications are within the framework of legal requirements or if the modifications are an improvement.
  1. The delivery time will be indicated as accurately as possible in the agreement and will start as soon as the agreement has been concluded and the agreed advance payment has been received.
  2. If, despite careful planning, there is a deviation from this delivery time, we will do everything we can to serve you. If necessary, we will provide a replacement product.
  1. Deliveries of new LiLBHair hair additions are always made by a certified LiLBHair hairdresser who adjusts the details of the hair work to yours.
  2. If the agreed delivery cannot take place due to circumstances on your part, other than force majeure, we will keep the available items for you. In that case your LiLBhair is considered learned and the warranty period begins to run.
  3. Not taking ordered hair systems never leads to the lapse of the obligation to pay.
  1. We guarantee quality materials and a solid construction of your LiLBhair hair supplement for 3 months after delivery. If you have good reason to invoke the guarantee, we will do everything we can to provide you with a replacement product, subject to compliance with the usual delivery times.
  2. When you sign the agreement and deliver your LiLBhair, we also give you all the necessary instructions for the daily and periodic maintenance of your new hair work. The warranty is void if you fail to use and maintain the product in accordance with these instructions, unless it can be demonstrated that the defect is not related to the use or treatment.
  1. We subject all our products to a strict entry control, both new and repaired hair systems. The trained LiLBHair hairdresser will also go over this inspection with you before proceeding to adjust the LiLBHair to your hair style. You, as the client, will be given time to inspect the hair work and sign for approval.
  2. A LiLBHair is handcrafted. Small deviations in colour, hair density or model may therefore occur. However, these are minor deviations that cannot give rise to non-acceptance.
  3. Invisible defects that you could not have seen during the initial inspection do report to your LiLBHair hairdresser immediately when they occur. The latter will then take the necessary steps to remedy the defect. If the complaint is found to be justified, LiLBHair will repair or replace the hair works with due observance of the applicable delivery periods.
  1. Force majeure is defined as circumstances that occur beyond LilHBair’s control and which temporarily or permanently prevent us from fulfilling the agreement entered into. We will of course inform you as soon as possible about the consequences for your order.
  2. During the period of force majeure, we are unfortunately forced to suspend all our obligations that we are unable to fulfill as a result of the force majeure. We will do everything we can for you.
  1. LiLBHair only works with quality products and thoroughly screened and/or trained partners. If something does go wrong, LiLBhair will be liable for the maximum value of that part of the order that damage occurs.
  2. We are not liable for damage to your property or that of third parties as a result of wrong or complete information that you give us during the preparations and recorded in the sales agreement.
  3. The limitations of liability included in this article do not apply if the damage is due to intent or gross negligence on our part, or if we act contrary to what you may expect from us based on proper workmanship.
  1. Our agreements to which these general terms and conditions relate are governed exclusively by Belgian law.
  2. The court in the location of LiLBHair has exclusive jurisdiction to hear disputes, unless the law prescribes otherwise.
  3. All parties will only appeal to the courts if they have first made every effort to resolve a dispute in mutual consultation.

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