Delphine, CEO and mum

I’m Delphine, CEO of a metalprocessing company. I have an adorable daughter and a husband I love dearly.
The care for our child, a partner who I like to leave in his sportive and social challenges and a job from early in the morning until late at night, of which 4 days a week abroad, often make it for me very busy, too busy. As a woman in a man’s world, I want to look good every day. But to do my job safely, I wear a helmet for at least 3 hours a day.

At noon I have lunch, in the evening I often have a business dinner. At the hotel I have little time left to relax in a nice hot bath. Sometimes I can really crave that. I quickly jump into the shower, dry my hair with the hotel’s hand dryer – which again takes way too long – and then jump into the taxi with half wet hair, on my way to the restaurant. I don’t feel confident at all and hope no one notices my flimsy haircut.

But recently, on every short or long business trip, I’ve started taking my LiLBHair with me. Just great!
From now on, I will have time to take a bath at the hotel and enjoy the care products that are offered to me.
I click my hair supplement onto my own hand-dried hair and in no time my hair looks like I’ve come from the hairdresser’s.

I used to not get compliments and thought it was because I work in a hard business world where appearance is not given much attention to.
But recently I get asked more and more how I manage to be presentable at the business dinner so quickly.

With great pleasure and without hesitation I tell them my secret: a hair extension by LiLBHair.

Ingrid toont je met plezier hoe je je haartopper in enkele clicks op en af kan zetten