Nancy, cook in the hospital of Dendermonde

I can no longer live without my hair topper. My first hair topper came about 12 years ago because I was getting bald spots on my head. But from those first hair toppers, I was not satisfied. At the hair parting, the base net was visible. After these bad experiences, I started looking for another solution. That’s how I came across LiLBHair online.

Meanwhile, the LiLBHair hair topper is a part of my life. I only take it off at bedtime and I immediately put it back on in the morning. That’s how my hair is always in the right shape, which is very important for a woman. Every 5 weeks I get my own hair dyed and my topper brushed at LiLBHair. Afterwards, I go back home with a feeling of awe. It is highly recommended for everyone, even for those with no hair problems.

At LiLBHair, you get a good feeling. They really engage in your story. They keep calm and are spontaneous. No question is too much. And the quality of the hair topper is very good.

Wearing a hair topper was really a revelation for me. Even if my hair were to grow back, I can’t really live without it. It has changed my life tremendously. The self-confidence it gives you. Getting back outside without a hitch. No more need to cover up with hair clips. Occasionally change cuts. That was a blast to discover. Very few people know that I wear a hair topper. I get a lot of compliments. “Your hair is always in such good shape” or “you are really glowing” That’s blissful.

Ingrid toont je met plezier hoe je je haartopper in enkele clicks op en af kan zetten