Laetitia, prison officer and freelance all-rounder

At the Waregem fair, I tried on a hair topper for fun. But when I saw myself in the mirror, I had an instant feeling of awe. What a difference.!

With my LiLBHair, I feel beautiful and confident. My hair is always in good shape and I save a lot of time I used to spend on my hair. With the LiLBHair, my hairstyle has volume and shape, like I just came from the hairdresser. It makes you feel good. I immediately have more self-confidence.

My boyfriend was also immediately blazing with enthusiasm. When we go on a date, I always wear my LiLBHair. The hair topper fits my own hair, but also my personality. It is comfortable and light to wear. I really have to remember to take it off when I go to sleep.

Ingrid toont je met plezier hoe je je haartopper in enkele clicks op en af kan zetten