Do you tackle your thinning hair with extensions or with a hair topper?

extensions of een haartopper

Seeing your hair thinned is not a pleasant experience. You see more and more of your scalp appearing. You try all the tricks to give your remaining hair as much volume as possible. In time, it dominates your entire life. Therefore, you start looking for a solution. But what should you choose? Do you tackle […]

Standing strong with Alopecia thanks to a hair topper

Sterk in je schoenen met Alopecia dankzij een haartopper

Will Smith didn’t hide it during the past Oscars ceremony when he stood up for his wife. Alopecia is not to be laughed at. Think about how heavy and frightening it is to suddenly have whole strands of hair falling out. And to see your self-confidence disappear along with your hair. Loneliness and depression lurk […]

Tip 4: save more time in front of the mirror in the bathroom

LiLBHair hair works - Ingrid in Mirror

Do you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror every day trying to get your hair in shape? This is precious time that you can also use to spend a little more time with your family before everyone starts the work or school day. Or time to have a leisurely breakfast or read the newspaper.

Tip 3: Beautiful, more and better hair gives you self-confidence

LiLBHair hair works - Ann & Lieze - hair piece

Self-confidence begins with liking yourself. Beauty is on the inside, but looking good also boosts your self-confidence. It’s not uplifting to worry about your thinning or lifeless hair every day. You can be as strong as you want, this will dent your self-confidence anyway.

Tip 2: Choose the hairstyle that suits you

LiLBHair haarwerken - haaraanvulling - haarwerk

Many people struggle with their hairstyle. Thin or lifeless hair is hard to get and keep in shape, and it’s very frustrating. Fortunately, with LiLBHair’s hair additions, you can have a hairstyle as if you just came from the hairdresser in just a few clicks.

Tip 1: How do you get that just-from-the-hairdresser’s feeling in no time?

LiLBHair hair works - during photo - Delphine - hair extension

Everyone loves the just-from-the-hairdresser’s feeling. Your hair is in perfect shape, it shines and your hairstyle feels light. But after a night’s sleep, that feeling quickly passes. Your hair has been on your pillow all night. When you get up, it looks different and you have a hard time getting it back into the right shape. Or you go to work out after your haircut and after an hour you already don’t see that you just came from the hairdresser’s.

The perfect alternative to hair implantation

LiLBHair haarwerken voor mannen

We often notice it in LiLBHair’s hairdresser’s chair: we see what hair can do to a person once it’s no longer there. Hair loss often leads to decreased self-confidence. Yet hair loss in men is very common. More than half will be affected by it by the age of 50. In fact, for one-third of […]

What is the difference between a hair topper and a wig?

Wat is het verschil tussen een haartoper en een pruik

Ingrid Berckmoes, founder of LiLBHair hairtoppers, is Sarah De Backer’s guest in the studio of AVS Weekend. “What’s the difference between a hair topper and a wig?” asks Sarah to Ingrid. Ingrid tells that she has met many ladies in her hair salon with little hair, thin and lifeless hair or even with bald spots […]

A LiLBHair hair topper is an identity

LiLBHair Haarwerken - Tevreden klanten

Feeling insecure about your hair? Outgrowth, bald spots, extremely thin hair, no time to blow-dry? A LiLBHair is what you wear if you want to look beautiful. At times when you choose a beautiful handbag with matching shoes, when you wear make-up, earrings and jewellery… A LiLBHair is a fashion accessory. LiLBHair is an identity. […]

A stylish hairstyle despite lack of time

Delphine testifies: “As a CEO, mother of an adorable daughter and wife of a sweet husband, I am very busy. I want to look top-notch every day, but I wear a helmet for several hours a day and usually only have time for a quick shower. Then I run out of time to relax and […]

Ingrid toont je met plezier hoe je je haartopper in enkele clicks op en af kan zetten