A LiLBHair hair topper is an identity

LiLBHair Haarwerken - Tevreden klanten

Feeling insecure about your hair? Outgrowth, bald spots, extremely thin hair, no time to blow-dry?

A LiLBHair is what you wear if you want to look beautiful. At times when you choose a beautiful handbag with matching shoes, when you wear make-up, earrings and jewellery… A LiLBHair is a fashion accessory. LiLBHair is an identity. Your identity.

“I have 2 small children and no time to blow-dry my hair”, Ellen, presenter at AVS East-Flemish Televisiontells Ingrid. “We have the solution for you: a hair topper,” says Ingrid of LiLBHair.

See this video and discover the metamorphosis of Ellen in AVS Weekend.